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this section contains local downloads only -- see the links page for photodesk resources provided by others
files larger than about 50k have their sizes noted

all programs are for risc os only 
exifinfo >>>
exifinfo extracts the useful information from digital camera JPEG files, and converts it into a number of formats including web pages and csv files ... now iyonix compatible
[version 0.59beta3, 12 feb 2003]
psbrush >>>
psbrush converts photoshop and paint shop pro brush files for use in photodesk
[version 0.30, 16 may 2002]

seamless tiles
seamless tiles index >>>
all 128x128 or 256x256 jpegs 

star-shaped brush >>>
a basic shape for creating glint brushes (zipped draw file) 
glint brushes >>>
a selection of glint brushes ready to install 

miscellaneous graphics files
wrench >>>
a simple wrench (zipped artworks file) 

site archive (version 2.80) >>>
this entire site as zipped html files [1.9MB]
IMPORTANT: this file now lags a long way behind the online version (currently at 2.91) -- we'll update it soon
[needs long filenames; if you don't
have risc os 4 try raFS]

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