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photodesk-related links 
photodesk ltd >>>
home of the risc os graphics package [com] 
malcolm ripley >>>
patch for Photodesk 3.04 which gives the gamma adjustment window a numbered grid as a background [pd] 
bernard veasey >>>
photodesk quick-reference sheet [pd] 
astute graphics >>>
how the photodesk logo was created 
house of mabel >>>
superb photodesk textures [pd] 
richard goodwin >>>
essential palette-making utility [pd] 
ian giblin >>>
smaller window-furniture ("my toolsprites") [pd] 

image galleries
liz leyden >>>
images and words manipulated with photodesk ... and some terrific photographs and descriptions of wildlife in africa - highly recommended 
ryan li >>>
digital photographs taken with an artist's eye, many processed with photodesk - highly recommended 

other graphics editors
artworks >>>
originally from computer concepts, this vector
graphics package is now being actively
developed by martin wuerthner [com]
variations >>>
rob davison's developing effects package and previewer [pd] 
da's picture >>>
freeware image processing software [pd] 
cerilica >>>
home of the commercial high-end vector graphics
package vantage, and the web graphics tool insignia [com]
compo >>>
image combining tool, with processing capabilities [com] 

graphics utilities
intergif >>>
peter hartley's definitive gif toolkit [pd] 
jcut >>>
j david barrow's jpeg utility [pd] 
thump >>>
rick hudson's excellent freeware image browser [pd] 

annery kiln >>>
riscos-based design company ... includes support
pages for marten gallagher's web design series
in acorn publisher magazine >>>
jakob nielsen's guide to designing for the web -- less is more 
bad designs >>>
michael j darnell's scrapbook of poor design -- more is less 
bad web design >>>
vincent flanders' amusing look at extremely bad web pages 
a list apart >>>
... 'for people who make web sites' 

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