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Tutorial: T-shirt

   –> Just the facts, without the waffle.
Overlays are often very clumsily done. The technique described here is very general, and can be used to overlay an image on any kind of surface.

My wife likes me in this, for some reason


[jtf-pic/png] [jtf-text/png]

To overlay an image on a textured background:

  • Copy base image into new layer
  • Work image into mask
  • Blur mask a little
  • Erase top layer image
  • Render design into top layer
  • Apply displacement map using mask channel
  • Adjust blend mode (eg multiply) and opacity to taste
TutorialT-shirt by Chris and Lee
Created5:18pm Sat 14 Oct 2006 Last modified5:29pm Sun 22 Oct 2006
CategorySpecial effects LevelIntermediate