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Drop Shadows


Drop-shadow crocodiles [Livingstone, Zambia, July 2001; Fuji FinePix 2300 digicam]

People do seem to have difficulty generating drop shadows in Photodesk. It's not that hard, but perhaps there's an expectation that it should be possible with a single mouse-click. In order to use Photodesk's built-in drop-shadow facility, you need to make a selection, copy it somewhere, set up the shadow parameters, then paste it back to the original location -- and selection, copying and pasting can all be quite involved procedures.

The general advice given is to first draw your text on the image, then select it. This immediately poses problems if you're using textured or gradient-filled text, the text is translucent, or there's any other effect which stops the text being a single block of colour ... and even then you can easily find yourself selecting stray pixels in the image if you use the magic wand.

The solution is to use a layer for your text, a method with many advantages. Here's a step-by-step run-through of creating a drop shadow using layers.


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