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Infrared with a digital camera

These pictures were all taken using a Hoya 72 infrared filter and various digital cameras. See this article for information about digital infrared photography and Photodesk.

Most of the images have been post-processed with level and gamma adjustment applied to individual channels, which gives the interesting colour effects (the originals are deep red). This processing largely emulates Photoshop's "Auto levels" facility.

Some images are paired with an unfiltered (but otherwise identical) picture. To see these you need a Javascript-enabled browser -- just move your mouse pointer over the image.

Click on an image for a full-size picture and description
potternewton park 5780
cemetery 2230
cemetery 2219
cemetery 5626
cemetery 2228
cemetery 0018
cemetery 0014
park 0013

© 2003 Lee Montgomerie / Chris Terran
All images are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission

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