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Ship [Leeds UK, 2:56:56pm Mon 26 Aug 2002; FinePix4800 ZOOM digicam]

Designed by Hughbon Condor, this won the first prize in the 2002 Best Costume competition.

Image details

Photographer: Chris
Taken: Leeds UK, 2:56:56pm Mon 26 Aug 2002
Original format: 1600 x 1200 JPEG, 810 Kbytes
Camera: FUJIFILM FinePix4800 ZOOM
Exposure: 1/548 sec * ISO125 * f2.80
Focal length: 8.30mm (macro Off)
Program/mode: Normal/Auto * Metering: Pattern * White balance: Auto
Flash: Not fired * Slow sync: Off
Warnings: blur No, focus No, AE No
Photodesk processing: Rotation; gamma adjustment; scaling

© 2002 Lee Montgomerie / Chris Terran
All images are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission

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