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Making Selections 1

Being able to make selections lies at the core of using a graphics program. Photodesk provides many ways of picking out part of an image -- perhaps too many, at least when you're starting. Choosing which selection method to use is not always easy ... yes, you need to select how to select.

Some basics. A selection is part of an image. It can be as simple as a cut-out square or circle, or as complex as a person's face; you could even define a selection consisting of every other pixel in an image. The selection process itself is rarely a single-click operation -- the usual sequence is to make an initial selection (as good as possible, ideally) with one tool, then modify and improve it with other tools.

To make a selection, click on the Montage icon on the toolbar (a pair of scissors). The tools available will change, and a new set of effect icons appears. There are other ways of defining a selection, which we'll cover later.

For the first walk-through we'll cut out an object from one image and paste it into another. Here's the object we'll cut out, chosen to be fairly simple (though not trivial) to select:


Public sculpture in Leeds [Fuji FinePix 2300, Oct 2001, scaled]


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